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The Fact of Water!!!!


Recognise every disease or illness as a friend who wants to show you that something needs to be changed in your life.

Water is important for life. It is part of everything which occurs in humans, plants and animals. Life cannot exist without water. This also means that if water is impure or unclean, life will be affected adversely.

Mineral Filtering System

Our mineral pure water filter systems use a high-quality water filter and cleaner comprising activated carbon made of coconut shell, activated coral sands and high quality silica sands bonded to silver.

The activated carbon in the water filter creates purified water by absorbing impurities, bad odours and tastes, and removing or reducing chlorine and volatile organic chemicals, while the ionic action of the silver inhibits the growth of bacteria.Our products remove zinc, cadmium, chlorine, lead, sodium silicon fluoride, aluminum, nitrate and bacteria.

The result is supply of balanced purified water and minerals almost totally free of chemical pollutants. As well, as a result of the coral sands integrated with the mineral sands, the purified water is activated with balanced trace minerals being added. And the water is alkaline - unlike tap water which is acid. A human being’s biochemistry needs slightly alkaline conditions, otherwise our bodies will strip calcium carbonate from our bones to create a balance - the first step towards osteoporosis

The importance of water

In a human, water makes up over 70% of the body. It is one of our most essential nutrients, it regulates the digestion and the brain and it lubricates the entire body.

Yet this basic substance is often overlooked as possibly one of the most simple ways to maintain health and prevent disease and other problems such as constipation, heartburn, migraines, colitis and many others.

Drinking 5 glasses of pure water daily, the average person may reduce colon cancer by 45%, breast cancer 80% and bladder cancer 50%. Other studies indicate that by drinking 8 glasses of pure water daily, general health and wellbeing improves dramatically.

A deficiency in water (dehydration) dries the blood and other bodily fluids, causing cells to shrink and retain their toxic wastes. When cells are properly hydrated, they expand and become active, spontaneously cleansing themselves of toxic wastes.

Chronic dehydration has become a common condition, it is estimated that 75% of the population are chronically dehydrated. Dehydration is one of the primary causes of fatigue, sluggish metabolism, depression, inability to concentrate and it produces a state of chronic toxic overload (toxaemia).

Dehydration also causes the bodies natural thirst signal to mistaken thirst for hunger. In 100% of dieters tested by the University of Washington it was found that 1 glass of water was effective in reversing the midnight snack scenario. Unfortunately, the water used by most people today carries more toxic elements into the body than it washes out! Typical water from the tap may contain chlorine, fluoride, aluminium and a variety of toxic heavy metals and pesticides.

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