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 1.                 Does my drinking water need to be filtered?

2.                 What bacteria are likely to be in my water?

3.                 What impurities do the Waters Co. filters remove?

4.                Why do I need to use a shower filter?

5.                 Is chlorine unhealthy?

6.                 Why choose a Waters Co. mineral pot?

7.                 Will a Waters Co. filter affect the taste of my water?

8.                 How does the cost compare to buying bottled water?

9.                 What kind of mineral water filter do I need?

10.              How do I know when to replace my filter?

Does my drinking water need to be filtered?

Water makes up over 70% of your body. There is growing concern about the quality of tap water in our homes and water pollution. This means water may have an unpleasant taste or smell and even appearance. The chemical treatment and cleaning process used in many cities contribute to this problem.

So, the answer is yes! It is critical to make sure our bodies get enough water and it is also important the water we drink is safe - the best way of ensuring this is to drink mineral water and use a water mineral filtering and purifying system.

What bacteria are likely to be in my water?

Giardia and cryptosporidium are the two bacteria known to most people. There has been an outbreak of giardia in Sydney , and cryptosporidium in Wellington . The latter can cause flu-like symptoms which may last from one to three weeks in healthy adults. No-one is immune to these diseases and they can be life threatening.
The main source is animal faeces which can contain harmful cysts. Land runoff carries cysts into lakes and streams and rivers where water treatment plants collect the water. The cyst is tiny with a hard shell which protects it from chlorine, the most commonly used disinfectant in water treatment.

What impurities do the Waters Co. filters remove?

Waters Co. filtering systems not only kill bacteria and prevent bacteria propagation but also remove harmful chemicals and heavy metals.
These include chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, lead, nitrate, hydroxide, detergent, ammonia, oil and grease, iron rust, cyanide, arsenic, organic matter, manganese, dissolved solids and many more.

Why do I need to use a shower filter?

A person absorbs many contaminants showering, through the skin. The hot water from the shower opens the pores and chlorine and other contaminants are absorbed easily like through a sponge. They go directly to the blood stream. There is a proven link between chlorine and bladder cancer.

Another concern is inhalation of the fumes. The shower area is relatively small, making inhalation of the steam (including chlorine) easy. And chlorine bonds with and destroys the proteins in your hair, making it dry and unmanageable.

The shower filter removes the chemicals including chlorine. It is a great health and beauty aid - dry skin can disappear, natural oils remain in the scalp and hair becomes healthier, dandruff disappears, sinus irritations reduce, skin becomes softer and smoother and hair dye will remain true longer. Many people take baths as well as or instead of showers. The same principles apply to the bath water, so you should consider a whole house system.

Is chlorine unhealthy?

Chlorine is a known pollutant that causes heart disease and many other health problems. Chlorine is not a substance you would choose to swallow. It has been used universally to “ cleanse” water but the latest water treatment plants are now using ozone generators. These leave no residues, unlike chlorine which reacts with dead plant material to form carcinogenic trihalomethans. Waters Co. Mineral Pot removes chlorine through activated carbon made of coconut shell, creating pure, clean, mineral water.

Why choose a Waters Co. mineral pot?

The Waters Co. Mineral Pot not only purifies and sterilises, it also activates the water. By using a patented substance called somelite in combination with mineral sands, Waters Co. filters are able to activate the filtered water by adding sea-based trace elements such as selenium, calcium, potassium, iodine, silicon, iron, and zinc, among others, creating healthy mineral water. No other mineral filtering system does this.

Will a Waters Co. filter affect the taste of my water?

Yes, it will make it taste a whole lot better. It not only removes harmful and smelly chemicals but it increases the dissolved oxygen in the water. Dissolved oxygen actually improves the taste and gives life to drinking water. As well, the activation of the water, which means 20 different types of sea based minerals are added, also enhances the quality and taste making it far superior to any land based mineral water.

How does the cost compare to buying bottled water?

Typically bottled water at the supermarket is between a $1 and $3. If you purchase a $125 Waters Co. Mineral Pot, and you fill your bottles from this you could save yourself up to $6000 in a year for a family of three, drinking between 2 and 3 liters and day each. Bottled water delivery is now available in Wellington, please contact us.

What kind of mineral water filter do I need?

Waters Co. have several different kinds of water purifiers and water filters. Portable, point of use (counter top), under bench and counter systems, and we do sell and deliver bottled mineral water as well.
The under bench systems are designed for easy installation but if you do not want to tap into your main water line or you are renting your home, the faucet mount or the bench top filters are the best for you.

How do I know when to replace my filter?

Every Waters Co. filter, mineral pot or system you purchase has a calendar of when you need to change them. There are several types of filtering or plumbing systems with each product - some are changed weekly, some six monthly. As well as the calendar, our sales staff will contact you and remind you when the larger ones (e.g. those which need replacing every six months) are due for a change. 

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