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Why Use Water Filters Today

There is growing concern over the contaminants and bacteria found in tap water - despite standards and treatment requirements being set. In many cities, the treatment plants are old and need replacing. And, research has shown, since these were first built, that the use of chlorine is not good for our health. Chlorine is a potentially harmful chemical and is being replaced in modern treatment plants by ozonation systems.

As well, many water purification systems obtain their water from surface sources where animal waste can contaminate them with bacteria such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

Other substances which can enter your drinking supply are rust sediment, oil, storm-water and lead.

Boiling water is not always the answer. In fact, if the
pollutant is not a bacterium or virus, boiling can make it worse by concentrating the substance!

Waters Co. mineral water filter systems remove almost every pollutant known to man including heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, organic matter, cyanide, lead and industrial compounds, among others. The water filters remove them with ion exchange, activated charcoal and somelite components. As well, the filters activate the water, creating mineral water by adding sea-based trace minerals. No other water purifying system does this.

Choosing a Water Filter

Every customer has different needs so we have different size of Bio Mineral Water Pot Which we can tailor for your individual needs.

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